Musokan Hong Kong is dedicated to the teaching of the ancient martial arts of Iaido (居合道), imparting the necessary skill and technique of using a Japanese sword befitting that of a Samurai.
We also place great emphasis on the training of the mind as well as that of character. Afterall, brute force and violence do not lead to victory nor success.


Be the unrelenting raging storm with a core of unwavering calmness

New spots opened if interested to join. Please contact us.

無双直伝英信流 is one of the oldest remaining school of Koryu Bujutsu (日本古流武術). We teach sword skills (古流劍術) that have been passed down for over 400 years. We also teach the philosophy behind the skill that was once vital to any Samurai. Learn the secrets and history behind one of the most revered warriors in history. 


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Musokan Hong Kong 無双館 香港道場 seeks to foster the development of the mind. We believe the road to victory is better achieved without the use of force; to win people over through our own proper behaviour rather than the show of strength to bring people to submission. Musokan Hong Kong 無双館 香港道場 offers the alternative path to self-betterment.

IMG_0015My name is Kevin Wong, a Sixth Dan Renshi (六段錬士), and the instructor at Musokan Hong Kong. Our school is a relatively new one, formally established 2017. Even though I have been teaching this at another dojo for some time prior. As the name of the dojo suggests, we are a school that teaches Musojikiden Eishin-Ryu (無双直伝英信流). Our school is different from many other Koryu Iaido (古流居合道) and even amongst other schools that teach Musojikiden Eishin-Ryu (無双直伝英信流). As we emphasise on a more powerful style. Power does not come from simple brute strength. Our belief is that each movement must have a purpose, each purpose must carry an intent and each intended action must be carried out with determination. With this, each strike, each step, each breath one takes will emanate confidence and thus true strength.

師匠 大和龍門

I began practising Iaido over two decades ago while I lived in Tokyo. I trained under Yamato Ryumon (大和龍門) who is affectionately known as “Shisho” by all that know him. Over the last twenty plus years, Shishō has been very strict, but encouraging. The Iai that he advocates is one that isn’t just a series of movements, but one that is strong. 「先ずは,斬れる居合、強い居合!」 However, it was not just martial arts that I learned from Shisho but life itself.

Iaido isn’t a mythical skill, nor is there any hidden profound philosophical meaning. It was a skill for survival. No one carries a sword in today’s society, this ancient martial art is really something to preserve the past. What we make of it is up to us. To me, it is a reminder that nothing is impossible, and perseverance prevails.
Certain amount of obsessive behaviour exists in all those who practice Iaido, in that we strive to do it better, smoother, faster and stronger. Knowing it is a skill we cannot use in real life, we persist to attain perfection.
Back in 2017, I was instructed to establish my own school here in Hong Kong. The goal of this school is more than teaching Japanese sword skills, perhaps I will be able to help you find your own meaning in Iaido someday as I have.


Frequently Asked Questions


We welcome anyone who has an open mind. No previous martial arts background is necessary. 

With regrets, we no longer offer “kids’ class” due to multiple factors of scheduling and time constraints.
Officially, we accept anyone age 14 or above into our regular class, we have had a few mature 12 and 13 year-olds that join us in the past, mainly with a sibling or parent. If you would like to know if the young adult in your family is ready to join, give us a call and come visit.


Wear comfortable loose clothing suitable for easy movements is recommended, avoid clothes with too many metallic buckles or large protruding pieces. Knee pads are highly recommended since there will be plenty of kneeling.
If you decide to later on, dogi and hakama can be used.

Either black or white dogi tops with black hakama are preferred.
No embroidery of any kind (other than your name) is allowed on the uniforms. 


i) Wooden swords are generally used in the beginning. We can provide them until you are ready to make the investment yourself.
(As there are various quality as well as safety issues, please consult us before buying.)
ii) Practice Iaido swords (居合刀/模擬刀) can be expensive, and due to safety reasons, consult us before making the purchase.
NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO USE A REAL SWORD (真剣) before obtaining third dan.


There is an initial joining fee and subsequent monthly fee.
This is used for running costs such as rental, equipment purchases and maintenance etc. 

For further information, please email us.


Grading examinations (for eligible candidates only) up to 5th dan (5段) will be held yearly in Hong Kong.
For 6th dan and above, students may be required to attend examinations held yearly in Japan.
Eligibility for examination is decided by the instructor. 

無双直伝英信流 – 日本古流劍術

“Iaido (居合道) is more than a skill, it is a state of mind and a state of being.”





If the sword is the soul of a Samurai, Iaido is his mind.
The many techniques taught in 無双直伝英信流 (Musojikiden Eishin Ryu) has been passed down and has evolved over four hundred years. It is generally considered one of the oldest remaining school of martial arts in Japan (古流武術). Our teaching consists of two components: sword technique and mental preparedness. While sword technique requires repeated practice, mental preparedness would take far more training to attain. 

実戦​居合 & 闘剣

Iaido is often considered a more docile form of martial arts, but there is a part of it that few have experienced.  We emphasize the practical aspects of each move, a deep understanding of each technique beyond a series of movements. We further explore these techniques and their application in actual combative techniques. This kind of combative training has evolved into Tōken (闘剣). The fighting techniques will only be taught after acquiring adequate basic skills.

We would be happy to provide you with additional information about Musokan Hong Kong 無双館 香港道場.    Drop us a line.

40 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Kwai Bo Industrial Building 13/F Unit A, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong.
Tel: +852 2199 7833  Mobile: +852 9279 5922