Here are some pictures taken during some of our classes and special events. Please also follow us on Instagram (instagram/musokanhongkong)

2021年度 記念写真

This year we have a few new faces, but also missing a few old faces.

第三回昇段審査 2021年11月

Candidates that passed the exam at our 3rd Grading Exam

稽古風景 2021

Certificate Awarding Ceremony April 2021

第二回昇段審査 2021年 1月

The Second Grading Exam of 2020 was forced to be postponed due to COVID-19. Despite this, our members practiced very hard and all performed perfectly.

Practice at the new Dojo (2020)

2020年度 記念写真

Certificate Awarding Ceremony March 2020

2019年度 記念写真

Grading Examination Nov 2019

Iaido Experience Day March 2019

Activities and practice snapshots 2018-2020

Early days of the school (2017-2018)

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