It is tough to have a tough teacher

I have been teaching Iaido for quite a few years now, although Musokan only started about a year ago.
In the beginning, it was more of a sharing of skills and techniques. More and more, I am forgetting what I am supposed to be: a teacher.
My teacher, on the other hand, hasn’t and is exceptionally strict. His standard for me is set much higher than when I was just a student. Rightfully so.
As I upload more videos onto various social media as a form of promotion for my school, I am not just being seen, I am also being judged. People see what I do as a reflection on what I have been taught and who has taught me.
While I am still confident in my own technique, I must remember not to bring shame to the one who has taught me.


無双館 香港道場

 無双直伝英信流 一本目 (Ipponme)  

The first technique, Ipponnme, is the most important technique in any style of Iaido. Whether you are a beginner going for your very first grading examination or a master performing a demonstration (演武), ipponme is always done.
At my dojo, ipponme is always the first technique, to begin with, and last technique to end with. This is true for everyone no matter how senior one may be.  Some Iaido masters even think no student is worthy of a passing grade if ipponme is not done well. This should give you an idea of how important it is to get it down correctly EVERYTIME.